It is due to the generosity of my winemaking friends who share their extra grapes  and my consistent growers that I am able to make wines of all sorts every year.  Cannot thank them enough!

My superstar growers...

This is Stephen Hacking. He grows Moscato Giallo and Pinot Noir on his family’s vineyard and Pinot Gris for a neighbouring vineyard. Both are situated on the Eastern side of Summerland, overlooking Okanagan Lake. Stephen has a grower’s heart. He is passionate about taking care of vines, always questioning and searching for methods that will optimize the potential of the grapes. Using no synthetic chemicals or herbicides, his farming consists of meticulous canopy work and many hours spent in the vineyard.



This is Alvise and Rose. Al is Italian and as such, grows most of his grapes for his own wine production and supply. I got super lucky a few years back answering a grape classified and ended up with the only grapes he sells; Pinot Gris and Riesling. Thus became Griesling, now in it’s 3rd iteration. It may make only 20 cases or so but I feel pretty darn happy to get these grapes. Al uses only sulfur sprays and the meditative routine of hand work in the vines. I’ve never seen a canopy look so clean and healthy, he truly knows his stuff. It doesn’t hurt that visits with Al and Rose usually end with a glass of his wine on the deck, swapping tales of travel adventures and winemaking chitchat.



This is Jocko and Jeff. They bought a cute Spanish-style house a couple of years back and decided to convert an acre of land into Cab Franc. You’ve probably guessed but Jocko the wine comes from this property and they are some of our closest friends. I've basically known them since birth! Their neighbour Don generously does most of the farming for them but as we’re converting the vineyard to more organic methods, Jeff and Jocko are graciously putting in the hours to weed-whack and lay down some fresh compost. The future is looking green.